The Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (SEES) has been held seven times in London and Paris since 2008, attended by many of the largest companies and most influential entrepreneurs from China and Europe.
3500+ Delegates

360+ Speakers

RMB¥5 Billion of partnerships facilitated

200+ Media coverage


Hosted by Sino-European Entrepreneurs Association
Sino-European Entrepreneurs Association (SEEA) is committed to improving how the foremost Chinese business leaders engage commercially with Europe. Through hosting the annual Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit, SEEA has created the premier platform for China-Europe business.

SEEA brings together senior business, political and thought leaders to engage in practical dialogues, explore commercial partnerships and review investment opportunities.

Founded in 2015, SEEA is registered at 102 Champs-Elysees, Paris, France. SEEA is co-chaired by The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Long Yongtu, Former Vice Minister and Chief Representative for WTO Trade Negotiations of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation; Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former Prime Minister of France.

Organised by Boao Business Consulting
BoaoBusiness Consulting is a professional servicesfirm that specialises in helping Chinese business leaders and their companies toestablish and improve commercial partnerships with foreign counterparts.

We provide tailored services to businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations in the areas ofcross border investment, international expansion and public relations. We are also the organiser of the Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summits series, includingSino-European Entrepreneurs Summit, Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit and Sino-African Entrepreneurs Summit.

Underpinned by the power of our unique global network, we help our partners achieve their most important goals.

Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summits (SIES)

Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (SEES) is a part of the Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summits (SIES), a unique platform that facilitates partnerships between the foremost Chinese business leaders and their counterparts in key economic regions of the world. Each of SIES’ summits are held annually.
  • [Australia]
    27-28 March 20171st Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit

    27-28 March 2017
    Sydney, Australia

    Australasia is the third geography chosen by the Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summits, based on the region’s exceptional opportunities for bilateral growth in the areas of agribusiness, health & aged care, infrastructure & property, technology & ecommerce and financial services. Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit is co-chaired by The Hon. John Howard and Mr David Murray.
  • [Europe]
    14-16 June 20178th Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit

    14-16 June 2017
    London, United Kingdom

    Since 2008, Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (SEES) has been held seven times in London and Paris, attended by many of the largest companies and most influential entrepreneurs from China and Europe. SEES is co-chaired by Mr Long Yongtu, The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown and Mr Jea
  • [Africa]
    27-28 September 20172nd Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit

    27-28 September 2017
    Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco

    The first African Summit was held in 2015 at Marrakech, Morocco. It brought together over 300 senior business leaders and their companies from China and Africa. They engaged in practical dialogues about forging commercial partnerships and presented to each other specific projects and proposals. Sino-African Entrepreneurs Summit is organised in collaboration with H.E. MoulayHafidElalamy and endorsed by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.
  • [China]
    November 2017

    November 2017
    Beijing, People's Republic of China

    Delegates from Australasia, Europe and Africa are invited to participate. Like the previous summits, this is an opportunity for business leaders from around the world to establish new relationships and extend existing partnerships with their Chinese counterparts.
  • [Europe]
    4-5 June 20188th Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit

    June 2018
    The 2018 SEES will focus on the key industry sectors of healthcare, financial servicesandadvanced manufacturing. This means our participants will primarily come from these three fields. Our programme themes will also be based around them..